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half-life nostalgia project
"Gordon, stop attacking, he's a friend!"
This site would not be possible if it weren't for the many sites, magazines and developers who distribute Half-Life imagery and media across the world. That's only one side of the story - the tricky bit is finding it.

This archive is incomplete. It'll never be finished. It could never contain every single piece of Half-Life media ever released. It would be impossible to find it all. Yet, the site can at least hold everything we can find.

If you do have any Half-Life media that predates its official release (November 1998), and is not already on the site (at a higher quality), then please submit it. Please send screenshots and any other media to, keeping images as JPEGs and movies in their original form. If you want to send files over 4MB in size, please upload the files to a web server, and e-mail us the URL. In the e-mail, please specify where the media comes from, be it a site, or a magazine, or something else.

Submit new media to
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