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half-life nostalgia project
Half-Life media credits
The screenshots, video files, artwork and various other bits and pieces have been collected from a number of sites across the world. These sites deserve credit for this:
Fragile Mortality (marked with 'fm')
GameSpot (marked with the GameSpot 'G')
Gamepost (marked)
Computer Games Online (CDMAG)
PC Gamer (US) (marked)
Shuga Shack
Additional thanks
Ken Birdwell, for the sketch of the 'silo' mission.
Alejandro Cintas, for a ridiculous amount of media.
...and everyone else who has contributed in some way to the project.
Page maintenance
The HLNP is maintained by custom written software. Some external components are used:
JPEGEncoder by James R. Weeks and BioElectroMech
Half-life credits
Ted Backman
TK Backman
Kelly Bailey
Yahn Bernier
Ken Birdwell
Steve Bond
Dario Casali
John Cook
Greg Coomer
Wes Cumberland
John Guthrie
Mona Lisa Guthrie
Mike Harrington
Monica Harrington
Brett Johnson
Chuck Jones
Marc Laidlaw
Karen Laur
Yatsze Mark
Lisa Mennet
Gabe Newell
Dave Riller
Aaron Stackpole
Jay Stelly
Harry Teasley
Steve Theodore
Bill Van Buren
Robin Walker
Douglas R. Wood

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