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half-life nostalgia project
"Good morning and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System..."
Half-Life. Released in November, 1998. You know what it is. Professionally planned, cunningly crafted, expertly executed. It still remains years after its release as the benchmark for 3D First Person Shooters. For two years, Half-Life went from nothing to everything, engolfing huge changes in lengthy periods of transition and correction, neatening and polish. The final release reflected the sheer amount of work that had been spent on and around it. Since then, it has undergone various updates and fixes - the Half-Life engine has had a network code overhaul, the addition of specialist features for network play (spectator proxies, voice-comms...), a mass of new artwork, code, sounds and models, and grown to harbour the most popular online multiplayer game to date. Half-Life is a force to be reckoned with.

The Half-Life Nostalgia Project is an attempt to bring together all the pre-release screenshots, information, interviews, movies, and general media into one site. Look just how far this small game and a similarly small company have come since. Few people could have predicted just what Half-Life has become, not only as a game, but as a community and perhaps an institution.

We are currently searching for media. If you have any that isn't already on the site, please send it to us. We are also looking for (old) online interviews with Valve Software designers about Half-Life. Full submission details are on the submission page. half-life nostalgia project
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