The New Article System

Tuesday, September 12th 2017 @ 11:03AM by Harrison Wallace


I have finally implemented a content management system! This is a pseudo-revival of my blog posts from way back in the day however blogs are out and articles are in. What is the difference? Well, blog posts are short, rambling, and basically a diary of thoughts that nobody cares about. Articles are long-form publications that go over one or two subjects in great detail. I will post and archive articles as a feature on my website going forward. However, now that I have finally re-implemented a content system, I do not plan to post very often. I have a couple of ideas for some articles I will publish in the coming weeks, but beyond that, I have no plans so I will simply post something when I feel there is something I want to write an article about.

With that said, I will end this article by just giving a brief overview of the different sections of my website. Under "About" you can find out basic info about me as well as links to websites I frequent. "Works" has different papers I've written and scripts I've programmed. "Game Collection" lists my retro video game collection. Finally, "Game Resources" has links to different game related things like source-engine ports, unofficial patches, and console homebrew apps. Keep in mind none of this may be relevant in the future if I go through a major redesign, but for now this is it!