This section is a hodgepodge of various things I have created. They range from web scripts, to software, to school research papers, to interactive stories and more.


Here you will find random web design/scripting/programming related things I have done.


This is a simple, pure CSS script that produces flashing text with background color. The source is included with a breakdown of what the CSS code does.


This is a web game programmed in PHP based off of the Japanese hand game of the same name, which is one of the inspirations for modern day "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

Windows 10 Quick Menu

This is a basic batch script program that excutes command prompt and powershell commands to make running features easier that Windows 10 has made difficult.


These are a couple of my college research papers that I am proud of.

Violent Video Games are What We Make of Them: An Ideological Perspective

This is a paper I wrote for a Communications and Linguistics class where the focus was about how we use language and what word choice means. The focus I took with this final paper was about how different review outlets would review a game based on their ideologies and the kind of language they used in the reviews.

Secure Your Fallout Shelter: Radiation from the Cold War Conscience is Closing in

This final paper was for my capstone course for my History degree. The focus of the class was Cold War culture in America. For the focus of this paper, I talked about Fallout Shelters and how they were perceived during the Cold War and what their lasting impact was on modern American culture.