This is the website of "Hobblin' Harry." I enjoy science, technology, and game related things. This website has no specific purpose or aim other than to give me an outlet to practice web design as a hobby and host random files. I'm also interested in comedy and writing so you may find things related to those as well. If you found yourself here on accident, I recommend the "Game Resources" page.

This is a static website, meaning you won't find active updates. Generally speaking, changes will happen all at once at irregular intervals. The collection page has my video game collection. The game resources section includes a guide to open source engines, mods, homebrew, and other game related stuff. The works section includes things I have written and will include stories/etc. of mine in the future as well as random web/code things I designed.

This is a list of links to various places around the web including service providers I use and resource and informational sites I visit often.

Lastly, if you would like to donate money to me for some reason, you can do so by clicking here.